Crowley Program in International Human Rights

Crowley Program in International Human Rights

Unique among American law schools, the Crowley Program’s Annual Human Rights Fact-Finding Project provides Fordham Law School students with the opportunity to participate in an overseas human rights investigation and prepares them for a career in international human rights. At the end of their first year, a group of six to eight law students are selected to become Crowley Scholars. These Scholars enroll in an intensive academic program in human rights theory, practice, and advocacy during their second year, including a special seminar designed to prepare them for a two week fact-finding project.

The Crowley Scholars help plan every stage of the projects fact-finding study, conduct meetings and interviews with lawyers, government officials, and members of local communities. Upon the conclusion of the trip, which takes place at the conclusion of the Spring semester, the Scholars assist the Crowley faculty in preparing a comprehensive report outlining the trip’s findings and recommendations. The trip report is published in a scholarly journal and as a stand-alone publication for policy-makers and human rights advocates. It is available in English and the language of the country visited.

Reports from past projects may be downloaded on each country project page.

The program is designed and implemented by the Crowley Fellow, a law school graduate, and by the Crowley Scholars, Fordham law students, together with Leitner Center faculty. Information about the Crowley Fellowship can be found here; information about the Crowley Scholars Program can be found here.













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