2024-2025 Crowley Scholars Application

Founded in 1996, the Crowley Program at the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice is one of the oldest human rights experiential learning programs at a law school in the United States. Providing a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on learning in international law for Fordham law School students, Crowley Scholars undertake fact finding, legal analysis, research, workshop building capacity sharing, and related work to prepare them for a career in international human rights.

Students entering their 2L year at Fordham Law School in Fall 2024 may apply to become Crowley Scholars. Six to eight students are selected, and these Scholars enroll in an intensive academic program in human rights theory, practice, and advocacy during their second year, which includes enrolling in international law/ human rights law survey courses, participating in independent study research projects, and enrolling in a dedicated seminar in Spring 2025.

Past Crowley programs have included work in a wide range of countries; examples of the work of the scholars in past years can be found on this page. Crowley Scholars work together on one or two human rights programs in collaboration with an NGO partner, networks of advocates, or international mechanisms, such as United Nations human rights mechanisms. Crowley Scholars participate in every aspect of the program and work collaboratively with Leitner Center faculty and staff as well as in partnership with NGO and advocate partners, conducting desk and field research, including conducting interviews and applying legal research. The work of the Scholars is frequently published in research reports, submitted in advocacy materials, or applied by our partners.

The focus of the 2024-2025 Program will be determined during the summer of 2024. Note that fieldwork my or may not consist of travel, domestic or international. Travel as a part of the program is only undertaken where the specific project warrants it.

Submit complete responses to questions and upload related materials by Monday, May 13, 2024 at 11:59pm. Questions should be directed to leitnercenter@law.fordham.edu. Applications will be evaluated based on the student’s demonstrated interest in international human rights (e.g., prior coursework and academic study, internships and jobs, planned work, experience abroad or in international communities); maturity, discipline, and organizational skills; academic performance.

Students may be contacted for an interview with the program. Decisions will be made before 2L registration for the fall semester.

Submit application here.

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