Past Crowley Fellows

The Leitner Center’s Crowley Fellowship in International Human Rights is a prestigious position that affords young human rights lawyers the opportunity to hone their research, advocacy, and teaching skills.

Michael J. Sweeney
Turkey (1998)

Luke A. McGrath
Hong Kong (1999)

Robert J. Quinn
Mexico (2000)

Jeanmarie Fenrich
Ghana (2001)

Nicole Fritz
Malaysia (2002)

Maria McFarland
Bolivia (2003)

Mehlika Hoodbhoy
Kenya (2004)

Aram Schvey
Romania (2005)

Ziona Tanzer
South Africa (2006)

Chi Mgbako
Malawi (2007)

Jorge Contesse
New Zealand (2008)

Elisabeth Wickeri
Nepal (2009)

Katherine Hughes
Tanzania (2010)

Daniel McLaughlin
Cambodia (2011)

Aya Fujimura-Fanselow
Bolivia (2012)

Aminta Ossom
Rwanda (2013)

Brian Tronic
Bangladesh (2014)

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