One-on-One Internship and Career Counseling Sessions for Students interested in International Human Rights Now Available

Individual counseling sessions with the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice are now available for Fordham students interested in learning more about internships, programs, and careers in international human rights law.

Sign up at the link below for a focused session to identify opportunities to gain experience in international human rights:

1Ls will learn about programs they can apply to into their 2L year, including:

  • Internships in international human rights during the 1L summer, as well as summer funding available from the Leitner Center

Counseling sessions will help 1Ls learn about your options for an international human rights law internship, including individualized advice based on your specific interests and background; if you don’t yet know what to focus on, get help narrowing your interests and ideas how to spend your summer.

2Ls will learn about programs available at the Leitner Center to deepen experience in international human rights law, as well as internship options during the semesters and over the 2L summer. In addition, sessions will identify post-graduate fellowship options and identify steps students can take to best position themselves for applications during the 3L year.

3Ls will learn about post-graduate funding for work in international human rights as well as other options available to graduating students interested in this field. In particular, this session will provide an overview of the Leitner Center Tolan Fellowship in International Human Rights, which provides a year of funding for graduating 3L students wishing to work in international human rights.

All students can sign up for an individualized session here. Be sure to include your full name and email when prompted.


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