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Unjust and Untenable: Why D.C. Must Remove Criminal Penalties for Drug and Paraphernalia Possession

| 2018
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Broken Windows, Broken Lives: The Danger of the NYPD’s Quota-Driven System

| 2017
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International Criminal Tribunals

United States | 2013
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Silenced Voices, Threatened Lives: The Impact of Nigeria’s Anti-LGBTI Law on Freedom of Expression

Nigeria | 2015
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A Handbook for Rape and Sexual Violence Cases

Global | 2015
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Plight and Prospects: The Landscape for Cause Lawyers in China

China | 2015
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Promises Not Progress: Burma’s National Plan for Women Falls Short of Gender Equality and CEDAW

Myanmar | 2015
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Changing the NYPD: A Progressive Blueprint for Sweeping Reform

United States | 2014
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Criminalizing Communities: NYPD Abuse of Vulnerable Populations (IHRC/PROP Report)

United States | 2013
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