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LC’s Supreme Court of Ghana Clerk Appointed to Judgeship

Ms. Sedina Agbemava

Two years ago the Leitner Center, in cooperation with the Judicial Service of Ghana, established the Supreme Court of Ghana Clerkship Program, the first judicial clerkship program in Ghana.  The program aims to provide Supreme Court Justices with needed research support, funding up to four clerks at a time for a period of one year, subject to a second year based on performance.  The clerks assist the Justices with their legal research and writing, gaining direct insight into the judicial process, practical experience in the form of trials, conferences and oral arguments, and the opportunity to learn from the distinguished Justices of the Court.

Applying their strong research skills, preparing bench memos, drafting orders and opinions, and managing the Court’s legal library, the first group of Clerks, appointed in April 2008, have proven an invaluable addition to the Supreme Court.  The program has been highly successful and won praise from the Judicial Service.

Testimony of this success is the appointment of one the four clerks to a judicial position:  Ms. Sedina Agbemava has been appointed to the Circuit Court of Ghana. Following the success of the first two year pilot, the Center has extended the program for two further years.

The Leitner Center is proud of the Clerkship program and Ms. Agbemava’s achievements, and congratulates her on her appointment. We hope that her distinguished service and position will inspire other exceptionally bright and motivated law graduates to lend their talent and initiative to promoting the rule of law and justice.

“The Clerkship program instituted by the Leitner Center at Fordham Law School has been invaluable and contributed to my appointment to the Bench. The opportunity to work closely with Justices of the Supreme Court and provide needed research support has prepared me to effectively discharge the arduous and challenging responsibilities of my office as a Judge. I strongly recommend this program to all lawyers, as it offers a good prospect for career development, especially to those desirous of making a career on the Bench.”

Ms. Sedina Agbemava

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